RADIO RPB #006 APRIL 7, 2018

RADIO RPB #006 APRIL 7, 2018



Dan Hicks – The Innocent Bystander
Buddy Miles – I Still Love you Anyway
Carole King – Eventually
Emitt Rhodes – Isn’t It So
John Cale – Paris 1919
Rodd Keith – How Can A Man Overcome His Heartbroken Pain
Candy Butchers – Come On Girl

I talk about keeping it down-low this week, a little more introspective, a short stray from my usual taste for the more upbeat.

The Innocent Bystander is an early version of Dan Hicks’ Moody Richard (The Innocent Bystander) and I found it on Early Muses, a Big Beat Records compilation of Hicks demos. His records are unclassifiable and I’ve only recently come round to them. He died in 2016 so I’ll have to be content with exploring his considerable back catalog.

Stories is best known for their hit Brother Louie, but here’s a more gentle number off the same LP.

Buddy Miles made a splash with The Electric flag and Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsies, but I Still Love you Anyway is an album track from his 1970 solo LP, Them Changes. There are plenty of other good tracks on the LP (including a fine cover of Neil Young’s Down By The River) but the backup vocal parts on this track warranted a share.

Before she took over the record charts with the Tapestry album in 1971 Carole King released a great album called Writer. This is one of my favorites of that record for lots of reasons, but one of those reasons lis the crazy mix. There’s a point where the organ swells to the point of almost taking over the entire track. I love that.

Emitt Rhodes released a slew of terrific albums in the early 70s then disappeared. He came back a couple of years ago with a great record that fits right into his older solo work. Isn’t it So has been kicking around for a few years now (there’s an early version on one of the “listen Listen” compilations) but this version from Omnivore’s 2016 release Rainbow Ends is fully realized. I’m glad he nailed it.

I saw John Cale in performance at BAM a few months ago, it was a career retrospective and he did not perform this the title track from Paris 1919. It was a stunning show for its musical diversity but it made no attempt to please the audience with anything well known or hit-like. Philistine-me, I enjoyed the show but wanted to hear this one. So I play it here.

Rodd Keith‘s How Can a Man OVercome His Heartbroken Pain is one of the better known Song-Poems, if that can be a true statement. To their credit and good taste, I’ve read that it has occasionally entered into Yo La Tengo’s repertoire but I think it would be hard to perform this number without being a little cheeky. The original recording feels dead serious and emotion. I believe it, and I love it.

Candy Butchers’ lack of mainstream success is a music industry botch but I’ll get into that on a future episode. This track comes from a collection of Candy Butchers demos released in 2006, a CD titled Makin’ Up Time. This was the stunner track for me – strings, horns and a gutsy guitar sound, all apparently played live to tape. Frontman Mike Viola continues to make new music in all sorts of interesting directions

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