Radio RPB #004

Radio RPB Episode #004

Radio RPB

Presented March 23, 2018

You’ll hear it in my voice. I got a little TOO excited about the records I chose for you this week.  My excitement is understandable,  because these records are all worthy of a platter party, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

Compilation of rare Larry Williams recordings
Unreleased Larry Williams, Specialty, 1986

We start off with a killer,  an early take of Larry Williams’ Bad Boy.  They smoothed out the edges a bit for the final version, but this version is W-I-L-D and it’s taken straight off the LP  Unreleased Larry Williams.

Some friends were discussing  under-rated LP’s this week and I nominated The Kinks Kontroversy. The World Keeps Going Round is a highlight from that must-have 1965 LP.

The Booty Don't Stop
The Booty Tape

I discovered The Booty Don’t Stop at a live show in 2002 . Pre-show, the headliners were playing this entire CD over the PA as the audience grew increasingly restless. The headliners  were Jay Bennett and Edward Burch.

300 Pounds Of Hongry (written by Tony Joe White)  is a bouncy cut from Carlene Carter’s Blue Nun LP. Carlene  saw enormous (and deserved) mainstream success in the ’90s, but she first got my attention with Blue Nun and Musical Shapes, a duo of LPs featuring the extended Rockpile family.

Lene Lovich

Lene Lovich is a name that you don’t hear much these days but she figured big in my New Wave adventures. Her debut album Stateless was full of great songs, but the New Toy single from a few years later remains my favorite.

MSR Madness Vol. 1
The Beat Of The Traps, Tommy Ardolino’s compilation of song-poems.

Norm Burns sings one of my all-time favorite song-poem tracks. I know the song title doesn’t make any sense, but a lyric like “Baby, Set Your Date On Time” should be  allowed to defy standard syntax.

The Sprague Brothers first caught my attention with their Hightone Records release Let The Chicks Fall Where They May, but the lovely It Doesn’t Hurt Anymore comes from The Savage Sprague Brothers, a self-released compilation of early tracks.

Spring was an early 70’s project of Diane Rovell and Marilyn WIlson (née. Marilyn Rovell).  Marilyn’s husband Brian produced and I’m pretty sure we can hear him singing along toward the end of the song.

Myracle Brah ends the set with the opening track from their debut LP Life On Planet Eartsnop. I don’t know how to pronounce “Eartsnop” so I didn’t even try.


Larry Williams – Bad Boy (Alternate Version)
The Kinks – The World Keeps Going Round
The Booty Don’t Stop – Ypsilanti All Stars
Jay Bennett and Edward Burch – Drinking On Your Dime
Lene LovichNew Toy
Norm Burns – Baby Set Your Date On Time
The Sprague Brothers – It Doesn’t Hurt Anymore
Spring – Sweet Mountain
Myracle Brah – Whisper Softly


Radio RPB 003 March 16, 2018

Betty Hutton at the CBS microphone

Radio RPB presented March 16, 2018.

We’re having a platter party.

If they spin at  33, 45, 78 or 500 rpm, I’ll play ’em.

Dion & The Belmonts – My Girl The Month Of May
Nick Lowe – Time Wounds All Heels
Tim Heap – Ghost Train
Aimee Mann – Lies of Summer
David Nagler – Court in Session
East River Pipe – I Won’t Dream About The Girl
Steam – Love And Affection
Betty Hutton – Hamlet

Bonus Video

RPB RADIO 002 March 9, 2018

Little Eva – Makin’ With The Magilla (Dimension)
Gunbunnies – My Favorite Waste Of Time (Max Recordings)
Lane Steinberg – You’re Not Connected To the Internet (Bandcamp <>)
Charlie Chesterman – Ona Stacka Bibles (Slow River Records)
The Beatles – Eight Days A Week (Capitol)
Cilla Black – I’ve Been Wrong Before (Capitol)
The Good Life Ltd – You’re All I Need To Get By (Jester)
Dr. Feelgood – Hi-Rise (United Artists Records)
Geechie Smith And His Orchestra – And I Wants To Thank Ya (Capitol Americana)

RADIO RPB – Guest Hosting on Dead Air Radio Dec. 6, 2017

Great fun with Peter at The Dear Air Radio show.  Peter started off with a tribute set to Tommy Keene, then we traded sets and ended up sticking to 7″ 45rpm for the rest of the evening. Great fun, and three hours of great songs. Link to show below the playlist.

The Good ,The Bad, the Ugly Ennio Morricone

Peter’s set

Where Are They Now The Kinks
Places That Are gone Tommy Keene
Love Is A Dangerous Thing Tommy Keene
Back To Zero Tommy Keene
Already Made Up Your Mind Tommy Keene
Baby Face Tommy keene

Peter Speaks

Love Is Love The Razz
Down Payment Blues ACDC

Peter & Richard Chat

Richard’s Set ALL 7” 45RPM!

Yes Sirree Earl Grant
The Trains Nashville Ramblers
Twine Time Alvin Cash 7 The Crawlers
Cara-Lin The Strangeloves
My Baby Likes To Boogaloo Don Gardner
No Good To Cry Tobie Legend
Again And Again The Van Dykes

Peter’s Set ALL 7” 45RPM!
Let’s Shake Teenage Head
I Can Feel The Fire Ron Wood
Have I The Right The Honeycombs
Tell That Girl To Shut Up Holly & The Italians
Party Weekend Joe King Corrasco
123 The Professionals
Noel Ford HEAP
Staring At The Rude Boys The Ruts
I’m Not Like Everybody Else The Kinks

Richard’s Set ALL 7” 45RPM!
Love Is What You Need Danny Gatton
I Wanna Be The Only One Kip Anderson
Wake Me Shake Me The Wrongh Black Bag
Birds Bill Durso
I Just Dropped In to See What Condition My Condition Was In Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings

Richard Speaks

Picture Sleeve The dB’s
Different For Girls Joe Jackson
Step Inside Love Cilla Black

Peter’s Set ALL 7” 45RPM!

See My Baby Jive Wizzard
Brickfield Nights
What Keeps Your Heart Beatin’? Rattlers
Money Changes Everything The Brains
I Can’t Stand My Baby Rezillos
Ride A White Swan TRex

Peter Talks

Kicks Paul Revere and The Raiders
I’ll Be You The Replacements
Hippy Hippy Shake The Swingin’ Blue Jeans

Peter Talks

Richard’s Set ALL 7” 45RPM!
Stop And Go Roger C. Reale & Rue Morgue
Go Away Hound Dog Nick Lowe
Glad All Over Carl Perkins
Howard Johnson NRBQ
I Like To Be Clean The Mumps
Shattered Todd Snider

Peter Talks

1+1<2 Classic Ruins
Faith In Love (Acoustic Version) Tommy Keene


No Good To Cry

As I work toward bringing together the reissue of Roger C. Reale’s Radioactive and its unreleased followup LP, I’m reminded of this CD I compiled way back in 2001. There are similarities – both Connecticut acts recorded at Trod Nossel studios, both had catalogs mired in hard feelings and missed opportunities. As a third party, my job in both cases was to acknowledge the issues that kept the music locked away, but to find a way to transcend those issues and get the music out there.

No Good To Cry: The Best of The Wildweeds
No Good To Cry: The Best of The Wildweeds

I first heard The Wildweed’s hit No Good To Cry via The Reducers. We were recording what would become their Shinola LP at Trod Nossel. Not aware of all the studio history, the band mentioned that one of the song’s they were recording took its rhythmic inspiration from The Wildweeds track, recorded in the very same room. I investigated and soon after started collecting all of The Wildweeds original 45s I could find. Later on I realized the 45s would compile into a great LP, unaware that there was a treasure trove of unreleased material that would eventually fill out the compilation CD.

In 2001 I pitched the idea of a Wildweeds compilation to Michael Shelley, who was starting up a record label with Dean Brownrout, of Big Deal Records fame. In the case of The Wildweeds, the timing was right to license the music for release, but thirty year old grudges kept us from getting access to images, interviews and cooperation of the band members. Persistence, patience and a genuine desire to present the music in its best possible light paid off. Michael and I set up a sit-down reunion with the band and they shared plenty of laughs and many, many stories. Along with their terrific music, the package we put together presented their story, pictures and memories with the honesty and integrity The Wildweeds deserved.

Unfortunately the Confidential Wildweeds CD is now out of print. I’ve made overtures to put out another issue of The Wildweeds tracks but as with all things, patience, persistence and maybe a little luck will win out.



Mixes and masters.
Mixes and masters.

Friends, some of you may be familiar with Radioactive, an LP released on the Big Sound label in 1978 by Roger C. Reale and Rue Morgue. Think Power Pop with an emphasis on the Power. Roger on bass/vocals and the fierce alchemy of Hilly Michaels on drums and G.E. Smith on guitar. The LP got ace reviews, releases in the UK and Japan, and that momentum brought Roger back to the studio to start in on a second second LP. Roger’s next batch of songs were stronger than his first, and the songs were matched with equally impressive guitar work by Mick Ronson (yep, THAT Mick Ronson) and the great Jimmy McAllister (Sparks, The Beckies, re-formed Left Banke). Momentum is a funny business though, and the album was never released.
Some years ago (does 2004 count as some years?) I started trying to make a CD reissue of Radioactive happen, not even realizing that there was an unreleased LP in the can. More than some years later I’m pretty excited to say that the tapes of Radioactive and the unreleased LP have been retrieved, baked and backed up. There’s a lot of work left to make it happen, but we’re hoping to find the right label to release and re-release to the world, perhaps by next year to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Radioactive’s original release.
Those of you already familiar with Radioactive know it’s a stone cold killer, and I guarantee that your jaws will drop when you hear what was left in the can. For those of you unfamiliar with Roger’s music, you’ve got a good thing coming.


A pretty darn good hour of music hosted by me as guest on WCNI’s The Dead Air Radio Show. I’ve never been too much for theme shows, and I fully delivery on that promise in this hour.

Set list and link to audio below.

00:00 RPB Intro/ID at head (Under: OverUnderSidewaysDown/Enoch Light’s Action)
01:13 Heart – 2 of Clubs
03:50 Good Times – Easybeats
07:10 Crazy Girl – The Incredible Casuals
09:35 RPB (Under: Day After Day/Sandy Nelson)
10:39 PSA Hunger Prevention “We’d Do Anything For Kids”
11:39 Did Everybody Just Get Old? – Graham Parker & The Figgs
14:57 Things That Disappear – Rhett Miller
18:18 Arkansas Summer – Chris Maxwell
21:50 RPB (under: Something In The Air/Sandy Nelson)
23:18 Girl In Golden Disc – The Records
26:53 Makes Me Feel Good – Pete Ham
28:38 Mare,Take Me Home – NRBQ
31:47 Here’s To You – Hamilton Camp
33:59 RPB (under: Caravan/Chet Atkins)
34:49 PSA “Make a Moment”
36:00 Different For Girls – Joe Pernice
38:49 The EMI Song (Smile For Me) – Alex Chilton
43:45 Aleyuya – Los Shakers
45:36 Terry, Who You Gonna Marry? – Paul Westerberg
49:25 RPB (under: Happening’s Ten Years Time Ago/Sandy Nelson)
50:57 I Heard The Bluebirds Sing – The Paley Brothers
53:39 My Girl the Month of May – Dion
55:50 RPB (under: Come Together/Count Basie)
56:47 Witchi Tai To – Everything Is Everything 45

Aircheck – Oct 10, 2016 WCNI-FM

They let me back on the air. Here’s the air check for the hour. Lots of good stuff, still a little scattered but getting a little better after a few decades off the air.


Pete “Guitar” Lewis • Louisiana Hop
Allen Toussaint • Up The Creek
Shades Of Blue • Oh How Happy
The Equals • I Get So Excited
Brinsley Schwarz • Give Me Back My Love
Clefs Of Lavender Hill • Stop! Get A Ticket
1910 Fruitgum Company • Bubble Gum World
James Taylor • Carolina in My Mind (Apple Records Version)
Teenage Fanclub • I Need Direction (alt. version)
Aimee Mann • That’s Just What You Are (Acoustic)
Cilla Black • I’ve Been Wrong Before
Warren Zanes • Scrapbook (Let’s Put It All In There)
Jay Bennett & Edward BurchvVenus Stopped The Train
Evie SandsvI Can’t Let Go
NRBQ • Talk To Me
Lovin’Spoonful • Six O’Clock
The Windsor High School Marching BandvRidin’ In My Car


Syd Straw – Pink Velour

The great Syd Straw is going on tour next week with the great Don Piper, and if they’re near your town you really owe it to yourself to see the show. About a year ago I was honored to record a nearly three hour set by Syd and Don. Here’s a taste of what went down that night – a truly moving performance of Syd’s Pink Velour. Posted with permission (thanks Syd!).