RADIO RPB #018 • July 13, 2018
Radio RPB says, “They’re not oldies if they’re new to me.”

Set List
The Spirit – No Time To Rhyme
The Barracudas – Summer Fun
Chuck Berry – Come On
The Rolling Stones – She Said Yeah
Boys From Nowhere – Beg
The Continentals – Fizz Pop (Modern Rock)
Earl-Jean – I’m Into Something Good
Paul Westerberg -(Terry) Who You Gonna Marry?
Harmony Rockets – Skeleton Man
The Jive Five – What Time is It?
Tommy Keene – Faith In Love (Acoustic Version)

So many goodies in this episode, starting with New York City’s The Spirit from their 1967 single on Roulette.

The Barracudas scored a  1980 UK hit with their surf-inspired pop gem, Summer Fun. They preceded the song with a vintage radio advertisement for the Plymouth Barracuda. I was tempted to discard the advert for this episode, but it’s too much fun not to share.

Boston’s Boys From Nowhere made a big impression on me when I first heard this track on the Garage Sale cassette. The subsequently remixed and released as a single but the remix stole some of the homegrown charm. That original cassette version is what you hear here.

Epic Nu Disks appeared in 1980. 10″ EPs of bands of varying notoriety and quality. I tried to get them all. The Continentals got their own 10″ and promptly disappeared, but Fizz Pop stands as their anthem.

In 2008 Paul Westerberg released a single mp3 track containing an albums’ worth of untitled songs, song collages and and covers entitled 49:00. It was apparently met with some legal trouble and quickly removed from sale. We can only guess at song titles, but since I like parentheses I’m going to call this one “(Terry) Who You Gonna Marry?”

Tommy Keene left us last year and it stinks. Here’s a nice b-side off a promo single from his short-lived days on Geffen. Keene recorded Faith in Love in a full band version too, but I also think that was relegated to CD bonus track territory. This version is much sweeter.

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